Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lena's new glasses

Lena’s glasses

Lena has new glasses! During a routine 5 year checkup, the doctor discovered that Lena's right eye is not seeing well. We then scheduled a meeting with an ophthalmologist, who determined that the communication between Lena's eye and her brain was not right. Apparently this is a reasonably common occurrence, and if caught before the age of 7 or so, can be reversed to at least some degree. He also gave her a prescription for glasses. So, Lena and Becca went eyeglass shopping, and this past Wednesday, the glasses arrived. I took Lena to the optician and watched her get fitted and adjusted. She looks beautiful, of course!

Lena’s glasses

She is very excited about the glasses, and is working out how to easily put them on (they wrap behind the ears, so they're a little more complex then normal glasses). She's wearing them all the time except when showering or sleeping or swimming.

Lena and Laura

Lena will wear the patch over her good eye for a number of weeks to help retrain her eye. Then she'll go back to the ophthalmologist for a re-evaluation, and we'll go from there. At first she was quite shy and didn't want anyone to see her eye patch, but the glasses have helped, because she really likes the way they look. Becca said that Lena tried many different shape glasses before choosing the ones she has, and in my opinion, she picked exactly the right pair.