Friday, May 4, 2007

Microhoo!? Yahoosoft!?

Astute and devoted reader 'Sister Sarah' was fast on the draw to point out today's speculation that Microsoft is eying a merger with Yahoo!. What does this potentially mean for me? Well, at this point, it's just a rumor, and it's just a rumor about discussions. It doesn't impact the Right Media deal with Yahoo!. If a deal were to go through, it certainly would have an impact on the 200 former Right Media employees, 12,000 Yahoo! employees, and 71,000 Microsoft employees. But it's not worth worrying about or diverting attention to. Right now, I want to get into Yahoo! and learn as much as I can to help our integration process be as seamless as possible.

Looking at the challenges ahead merging Right Media into Yahoo!, I can't quite begin to imagine the challenges integrating Yahoo! with Microsoft.

Update: Looks like they're not talking anymore.

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