Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time for a New Adventure


On October 15th I will move on to my next career. It is time for me to say goodbye to Right Media and Yahoo!. The past 3.75 years have been an amazing experience, and without that experience there's no doubt that I would be ill prepared for my next job. GarageGames has hired me to be their Vice President of Technical Operations.The office is on 5th and Charnelton here in Eugene, so it's not only an exciting opportunity for me, but it means that my family doesn't need to relocate, either. Over the past two years we have come to love Eugene, and it didn't take that long. The prospect of leaving Eugene at this point is not interesting to us, so the timing and fit of the GarageGames job is perfect.

So, what does a VP of TechOps do, exactly? Well, it's my job to help the company figure out how to scale their systems. GarageGames has just announced, and I will play a key role in figuring out how to make sure the backend supports the demand of the number of users we hope we'll get. There's a lot of process and policy to put into place, and GarageGames is in a terrific spot for me in that I'll get to start in pretty much at the ground level and design that process and policy from the very beginning.

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Aunt Sarah said...

I was thinking that maybe we would get another post ... you know, with the whole NEW JOB thing. Such dreams I have.