Saturday, October 24, 2009


This morning we were awoken at approximately 5:30 by a little one who decided that it was time to get up. Laura's the one that will do whatever is within her power to get her way, and this morning, as is typical, she was insistent that Becca get out of bed and go downstairs and make breakfast. At 5:30. She whined and wheedled, and it became apparent that she wasn't going to settle back in for even a short while. So, I finally got up and took her downstairs and made a fire in the fireplace. She still wasn't happy, but at least Becca got to rest for a little bit more. Laura was still crying and moping and insisting that Mommy needed to get up and make breakfast. After a long while, she settled down and played with Lena, and I got us all some juice, disappointed that sleep was not going to be in my near future. Woe is me.

Today I also learned that for the second time in less than a month, a co-worker's infant child didn't survive. When I read about tragedies like this that affect people I care about, it pains me deeply and gives me perspective. I can't imagine the sorrow these two families are enduring right now. I know that my family is blessed to be healthy, happy, fed, clothed, and sheltered, and that while I'm sure it is hard for them to imagine at the moment, they are blessed in so many ways as well. A loss of a little sleep seems more than a bit trivial.

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S. F. Philips said...

What a poignant post to come back with. Beautiful.